Guidebook: Best Product Management Solutions and Tools — A mature landscape 💪

Product Management solution landscape — 2020 Edition

Main criteria for Product Management software 👷

  • 💰Budget: Depending on the size of your structure, the maturity of your product, and the need, the cost may be a variable choice.
  • 🏈 Collaboration: The explosion of remote-work has highlighted the need for the ability to implement collaborative functions.
  • 🕹 Usability: This criteria helps to determine functional consistency. The tool must be able to integrate into existing workflows and offer a range of functionality as required.
  • 🛠 Integration: Halfway between functional and technical, integration allows to evaluate if the tool can fit into the process and existing solutions without requiring a long configuration phase.
  • 📊 Analytics: The analysis part should facilitate data retrieval or measure performance and impact. It must be flexible enough to be understood and customizable.
  • Security: Finally, the criterion of protection is paramount, especially if users or confidentials data is manipulated in the tools or uses supported.

Main areas of product management in 2020

(1) The selection below focuses on tools recognised by the market (2) Arbitrarily placed in a category, some of them offer multiple functional coverage (3) These tools are illustrations, they are not exhaustive
Analytics and discovery solution for Product Management

1. User tracking 🏄

2. User Insights 📢

3. User Testing 🏹

4. Prototyping 🎨

5. Roadmaping ⛳️

6. Quality Management🍾

7. Feature and task management 🏋

Operation and shipping solutions for Product management

8. Customer automation 🚨

9. Training and onboarding ✍️

10. Process Automation ☑️

11. Documentation 📖

12. Visual management 👀

  • Klaxoon, whimsical, Miro: Managing and animating online workshops using frameworks such as user story mapping, customer Journey, etc.
  • Yed, Draw IO, Lucichart: For collaborative workflow design and process construction

13. Agile management 🕰

14. Data management 💯

Best solutions for Product Management💁

Top ranked solutions for product management

Notable mergers and acquisitions 🚀




Product platform enthusiast. helping corporates and startups with #Data and #Design 🚀

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Nicolas Suchaud

Nicolas Suchaud

Product platform enthusiast. helping corporates and startups with #Data and #Design 🚀

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